Health and Mental Wellness
are Your Most Valuable Assets

Take Good Care of it

Learn from an enthusiastic and engaging Exercise Therapist and Meal Coach. Commit to improving your physical and mental health through physical fitness and nutrition at home and at work!


Wellness Workshops

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive Health and Wellness workshop, these presentations are perfect for you and your work team or as a stand-alone presentation. Sessions are between 30 and 90 minutes and may include a drink or meal option. Please consider an ‘Eat This Move That’ workshop for your next wellness event.


‘Move That’ Workshop

Functional Movement for Life

These lethargy blasting workshops are designed to address the importance of functional movement, energy improvement and work related injury or illness prevention. Expect laughter and good moods amongst your colleagues and team.


‘Eat This’ Workshop

Meal planning and mindful eating habits
at work and beyond.

These inspiring and simple workshops address the importance of habitual meal creation and proper meal consumption. You and your colleagues will learn how to prepare uncomplicated meals and adopt better eating schedules throughout the day. Expect to eat different and unusual food ingredients, be given recipes, and learn how to change your eating habits for life!


‘Eat This Move That’ Workshop
For Families and Kids

Food education leads to connecting with the foods we eat. When we know where our food comes from, how to prepare it, handle it, and mindfully consume it, we become more connected to our plate!

Exercise, good nutrition, and a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle will combat lethargy, food associated diseases and promote better sleep habits and a better mood!

Through this hands-on, game-centered workshop, your family should expect to:

  •  ·      Perform the 7 fundamental human movement patterns

  • ·      Learn how to banish the ‘blah’ in 5 minutes

  • ·      Eat new and unusual foods

  • ·      Prepare a nutritious snack 

  • ·      Learn how to grocery shop with efficiency

  • ·      Explore ways to a better night’s sleep

  • ·      Make good health a habit

  • ·      Create an herbal tea to take home and enjoy with your family

At Home Services.

An integrated food & fitness program at home and work equals less time at the doctors office, less money spent on health care, better mental health and a better quality of life! Spend a little money on your health and save a lot of money in the future. We can make any schedule work for you.


  • Fitness Session: 
    In-home fitness coaching session. All levels and abilities, no equipment required, or we can utilize your existing home gym. 60 minutes: $70

  • 6 Fitness Sessions
    6 in-home strength and conditioning sessions for fast
    results in only 2 weeks! $299

  • 12 week Lifestyle Tweak:
    3 fitness session visits each week with meal prep for 3 months! Choose this if you're committed to changing your body right now. $1200

  • Healthy Meal Inspiration &Preparation:
    Me, you, and your ingredients - in your kitchen.
    60 minutes: $90


  • Weekly Meal Guides
    A customized meal guide to lead you through a week of meal preparation, recipes, portion control guidance, and energy production! Expect daily check ins and me keeping you accountable.  $75

  • Eat and Move: 
    Fitness session and post workout meal preparation. A client favourite. Invite a friend! 
    90 minutes $119




Kareen Van Nen is your:

  • Personal Trainer

  • Movement Consultant

  • Eating Coach



I promote a lifelong, healthy behaviour and lifestyle.  Save money by avoiding injury and diseases brought on by a sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices and live longer! Extend your life through an ETMT health program.

I provide physical fitness programs, nutritional health programs, mental health and smoking cessation programs through ETMT partners, and provide the resources to take your health back.


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Kareen makes her programs fun and uses creative ways to inspire us to move better. She occasionally brings us interesting food items to try and we incorporate them into our own meals. She’s very unique and personable.
— Peggy & Alex Szabo
My wife and I recently found Kareen and, Eat This Move That, through a friend and she has since become like part of the family! Her fitness knowledge is impressive, her ability to recongnize and identify our bodily issues is impeccable, and she is even fun and playful enough to be able to joke with our kids who refuse to go to sleep while we work out at night. Thanks to her we are now enjoying a quality of life we didn’t even know that we were missing.

One of our favourite things about Kareen —aside from her infectious positivity and unbridled enthusiasm — is how effective her home training exercises are and how her programs requite almost no equipment.

Despite all of the great services Kareen provides for her clients we would have to say that the most valuable for us is how even when we’re tired and grumpy during a weeknight workout she consistently finds a way to get us motivated and laughing.

Kareen is simply the best and we are so thrilled to continue to be regular clients of EAT THIS MOVE THAT.
— Suzy & Jeremy Devlin
On meeting Kareen, I was inspired by how her approach to a healthy living was all encompassing. Based on how nature created us and what our bodies should be able to do and should eat rather that what the latest fad is. She sets you small goals that are achievable and her positive mindset is addictive.
— Kathryn du Cros, Mother of two.

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